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Phantasy Star 3 Forsaken Evil is an attempt to remake the original Phantasy Star 3. The project is being completed in RPG Maker VX Ace. I am currently a one man team but have sourced some of the project out to users of various RPG Maker forums. They have given me help on scripting and implementing advanced features to make the game more playable. I'll eventually be sourcing people for art work, game testing and advanced ideas. I hope to have a working playable alpha in the coming months. I'm fully dedicated to the project.


The project has been in the works for well over a year, I work on it whenever I have time or inspiration but often take breaks. The game aims to be as close to the original as possible but improve it and give a much more polished experience.  


I have expanded on the plot and character development as I feel these were missing from PS3. You'll see subtle but important changes to expand the story line and fix or correct things from the original that didn't work or make much sense. I hope to be able to at least connect PS3 closer to the others in the series and make the game more appealing, as the original is a very marmite game, you either love PS3 or you hate it.


I chose PS3 as it is one of my favourite games of all time. Unfortunantly the original game was rushed and isn't near the standard of the other titles in the series or many other RPG games. It still holds a special place in gaming history for me. I played it a lot during my childhood and it helped me to develop my reading skills and understanding of the english language.


I now find I benchmark and compare a lot of RPG games next to the story and ideas in PS3. The PS3 story for me, once it is explained properly is really cool and I feel it's a game that deserves to be viewed in the same light as Phantasy Star 2, Phantasy Star 4 and Phantansy Star Online.


Changes, tweaks or differences from the original:


Expanded dialogue and character development:

1. A background story to Lena and Rhys. More dialogue between the likes of Rhys, Wren and Mieu. Individual personalities, Rhys hot headed, Lyle sly and devious and love struck Lena along with the loyalty of Wren and Mieu towards Rhys and his family. More general development of the likes of Ryan, Lune, Siren, Thea, Laya and the other characters.


Less generic look and feel:

2. More varied towns and world locations. The original towns and worlds were very plain and generic. Even in a snow filled world the towns were still green and warm. I am aimming to make each planet unique. Aquatica will have snow storms, Aridia will have scorching sun and others will have rain or wind. Worlds will not be the same size and the people you meet will be very different. 


No more generation choices, Orakio and Laya roots explained and the link to Algo:

3. No more generational system (well for the time being). No I hear you cry! I know the generational system was a massive draw of the original game giving so many adventures and story lines with the choice of who you marry. However I feel this project is just too big have that burden. I may create it in the future but at the moment the game will follow one path. I do not rule out a future generation system but at the moment the correct path to tie it to the rest of the series will feature in the story. I feel by focusing on one path we can understand what Orakio and Laya did, why they had a great war and the history behind the Alisa III. Don't worry you'll still get to play Rhys' son and grandson. I want to explain as to why no one knows about the other planets, what the passage ways between worlds are and as to why technology has been lost or forgotten 1,000 years later.


Items, gear and skills:

4. More weapons and armours choices. I feel the original game was very generic as to what items you need to for each area. This remake will have more shops with more items meaning you may not spend the whole of generation one with just a particular sword or claw (ie Sword for 80% of Rhys game time). The Orakian characters will have some other skills to make up for the lack of technique use that the Layan characters had.

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